Sunday, 11 December 2011

More Parks and Recreation

The Murinal
Parks and Recreation
Season 2 EP 9, The Camel

A Mural in the Pawnee town hall called the 'Spirit of Pawnee' has been repeatedly vandalized due to its discriminatory depictions (Hilarious Mural), so the city council decided to have it replaced. Each Department is asked to come up with a new idea for a mural. After taunts by the sewer department, Leslie became determined for her department to win. She orders each person in the parks department to come up with a concept for the mural, with comedic results (Jerry’s misuse of the word ‘murinal’ afforded a few giggles). When asked to vote for the concept for the department to propose, everyone votes for themselves posing further problems. As a result Leslie makes a mural comprising of bits from everyone’s artwork but the outcome was unsuccessful. Leslie as a last resort drags Mark in to help who creates a mural which he believes will win although it’s a bit dull. Everyone else is against Marks mural, but Leslie enters it anyway so they can win. While waiting for the sketch presentation, Leslie sees the fun other departments had putting together their far worse off murals, this changes her mind and she enters the department’s original mural. The council is confused by the mural and in the end decide it would be more cost effective to not spend money on a new mural but rather rename the old mural ‘The Diversity Express’. In a side plot Ron is surprised at Andy’s ability to ease the pain from his bunion during a shoe shine. Ron returns continuously looking to calm the pain, at first Andy is happy to see him but then it grows uncomfortable for Andy when Ron moans in pleasure during a shoe shine, both then become uncomfortable and try to avoid each other. In the end both men decide it best if they both pretended it didn’t happen.
Another solid episode in the series the concept mural deliberation really made me laugh out loud ‘murinal’, Jerry is turning into a great character.
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  1. I haven't seen this show for a long time, I have to see it.

  2. I haven't seen this show, but from your review I think I might have to, nice blog very informative.