Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Set Up - Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation
Season 2 EP 13, The Set Up
Chris securing Leslie in the MRI

We begin the episode by learning that Pawnee is being sued by the previous owners of lot 48, Ann refers Leslie to an old lawyer friend (Justin) of hers to help resolve the issue. Leslie asks Ann to set them up on a date but Ann instead sets her up on a date with a MRI expert that she works with at the hospital named Chris. The date with Chris begins poorly he is disappointed with Leslie as he learns that she is actually a director of regular parks and not amusement parks. Leslie then admits to never having an MRI to which Chris promptly offered to take her to the hospital to receive one. Chris uses this opportunity to access Leslie’s health and whether she is worth future investment (comments about her ‘excellent’ uterus. LOL). Leslie decides Chris is not right for her and takes him home. At the same time Mark confronts Ann about her romantic feelings for Justin accusing her of saving him for herself. Mark asks Andy to confirm his suspicions of Ann infatuation. Andy also confronts Ann who then realises she is wrong and eventually sets Leslie up with mark. In a sub plot Ron looks for a personal assistant to protect him from having to deal with citizens due to a new policy requiring officials to interact more with the public. Tom offers his services to help find the perfect assistant. The person Tom picks Jean-Ralphio resembles Tom causing Ron to dislike him right away. April eventually volunteers for the job wanting to remain at the department after her internship finishes so she can spend more time with Andy.
The episode was reasonably entertaining Will Arnett guest starring as the rubbish date was brilliant. He made the horrible date even greater by the way he portrayed his character. The chemistry with Leslie worked perfectly.  Some parts of the episode were dull especially when Mark and Ann were watching the movie together (their portrayal of Marley and Me wasn’t so great either)

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  1. I've never watched this series; gonna give it a try though!


  3. Will arnett is a man. I think i;ll try golfing

  4. Seems to be a good serie.