Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sweetums - Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
Season 2 EP 15, Sweetums
DJ Roomba

Sweetums, the local candy company, wants to sponsor the parks department in the hopes that they will be able to sell their new candy snack bar to visitors in the park. Ron supports the deal but Leslie is sceptical after Ann warns her about the unhealthy amount of corn syrup contained within each bar. Leslie Then arranges for a public forum so the community can make a decision on whether to allow Sweetums to sponsor the parks or not. Because of this Ron feels Leslie is infringing on others personal freedoms and is annoyed at her. The forum begins with Sweetum showing the audience footage of great times had with Sweetum products, Leslie responds to this by showing an old film of the former CEO of Sweetums discussing the adverse effects of cornsyrup on cows. In further response to this Sweetums brings in the CEO of Sweetums, who is also the actor in their commercials, and his children Denver and Dakota. They tell the audience to look under their seats to find candy, the excitement of free candy helps Sweetums win the vote in favour of the sponsorship. After the Forum is over Ron apologises to Leslie for being an ass. Meanwhile Tom has to move out of his home after his divorce from Wendy and enlists Mark to help, Mark is reluctant but realises that he has a truck and cannot think of a valid excuse. Donna, April, Jerry and Andy also help Tom (who does no work) move. At the end of the move Tom receives a call warning him of a gas leak at his new home and that he cannot move in until Monday. The department members unwilling to take Toms stuff to their respective homes until Monday dumps his things at the parks department office
Marginally alright episode, the whole Sweetums debacle and process gave almost no laughs. The episode was saved by the departments attempt to help Tom to move. The process in which the crew went through was funny DJ Roomba was a crack up.  

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  1. Still on the fence as to whether or not to watch this...
    Thanks for the info.

  2. gotta love those ipod docks, GreAT invention

  3. They should take ipod docks to another level, they are kinda primitive right now. :)