Monday, 26 December 2011

Woman of the Year - Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
Season 2 EP 17, Woman of the Year

A letter is sent to the parks and recreation department offices from the Pawnee chapter of the Indiana Organization of Women, Leslie automatically assumes that it is a letter of congratulations for winning the Woman of the Year award, but to her surprise and everyone else’s Ron is outlined as the actual recipient of the award in recognition of Leslies achievements. Ron knows that the award is a ridiculous mistake, but he uses the opportunity to mock Leslie. Ron constantly brags about the award in front of Leslie (with hilarious results). In the end Ron admits that the award was a mistake and he was just joking. He tries to recommend Leslie for the Award however the Indiana Organization of Women director that a male (Ron) was chosen on purpose to bring attention to these awards. Unhappy with the organization Leslie and Ron plan on making a speech which criticizes the awards but instead presents the award to Leslie. After the ceremony they both decide the award is meaningless and throw it into the wastebasket, Leslie secretly returns to salvage it. During all this Tom is given the opportunity to invest in the Snakehole Lounge if he can come up with $10,000 to buy a share. Tom reveals that his dream was to be part owner of a club but only has $4,000 so he seeks Jean-Ralphio to contribute the remainder, but he can only fork out $5,000. So Tom asks his co-workers to contribute the remaining $1,000. Donna shows the most interest but immediately withdraws when she meets Jean-Ralphio. Meanwhile, Andy is kicked out of his apartment and April decides to help him look for a new one. But as Andy learns of Toms troubles he immediately gives him the $1,000 sacrificing his apartment.
The concept of the main story with the Woman of the year award going to a male was interesting and bought about funny moments, especially Ron’s photo shoot. The meeting between Jean-Ralphio and Donna to cement her investment really made me laugh. The Andy looking for an apartment wasn’t entertaining at all, which held the episode back. It was an interesting episode with new ideas.

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  1. Looks like a solid show. I should check it out.

  2. Seems pretty sick as a show, but I can't find where to follow...