Saturday, 17 December 2011

Parks and Recreation Christmas Special

Parks and Recreation
Season 2 EP 12, Christmas Scandal

The Annual Pawnee City Government Follies are upon us and the parks department are the opportunity to perform sketches that make fun of that year’s ‘goings on’ in Pawnee politics, including a sketch where they made fun of councilman Dexhart’s sex scandals. After the performance Leslie is asked to join Dexhart for lunch, Where she learns one of her sketches was bizarrely accurate of another scandal that has not been made public yet. After the meeting she discovers that local newspaper has snapped pictures of them together and is reporting her as Dexhart’s new mistress. The rumours upset Leslie, distracting from her work. Ron offers to give Leslie a day off, distributing all her tasks between him and the rest of the staff who realise the large amount of work she does and the group struggle to get things done. Leslie decides to have lunch with Dave, who reveals he has to go to San Diego as his unit in the army reserve has been called up. He asks Leslie to join him who is reluctant, yet she wants to escape the local media. Ann brings Dexhart to her house for Leslie to confront him and demand he clears her name. Dexhart refuses as this new scandal covers up the real scandal which is much better for him. A photo was taken of the meeting in Anns house, resulting in further speculation that Leslie and Ann are actually lesbian lovers in a three way relationship with Dexhart. Furious, Leslie appears on “Pawnee Today” to clear her name. Dexhart appears as a surprise guest who tries to prove the relations are real claiming she has a mole on her rear end. Leslie counters by pulling down her pants on live television to show she has no mole hence the end of the scandal. Afterwards Leslie tells Dave she is not going to join him in San Diego.
This episode wasn’t quite as funny as the others, bored me in a couple of places in fact. I’ve come to realise that Christmas specials aren’t quite as good as they are hyped up to be, most just bore your socks off while packing in Christmas decorations in the background.
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  1. Great TV show, already watch all the episodes.

  2. I love P&R but yeah this episode wasn't so great.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Parks and Recreation show. Thus I'm loving your blog +1 follower.