Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation
Season 2 EP 10, Hunting Trip

Ron is planning the annual ‘trail survey’ for the boys of the office, which is just a secret hunting trip. Leslie, wanting to be one of the guys insists that the ladies be allowed to attend the hunting trip as well as Tom as he is never invited. During the hunting trip Leslie gets the first quail. Ron, being quite frustrated with the trip challenges Leslie to see who can shoot more birds. After a while of hunting Ron is shot in the head by an unknown person, the others rush over to him, luckily Ann is a nurse and the injury isn’t too serious. The others discuss who shot Ron, Mark suggests that they are being hunted causing a minor panic in the group. Leslie takes the blame when the park ranger arrives (who was hilariously sexist). In the end Tom comes forward for shooting Ron. During all this April is asked to check a budget request while the department is gone, but is put on hold for hours. Andy arrives to hang out and the two begin to bond in a strange way.
This episode bored me at times but the sexist park ranger made up for it. A decent time waster.

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  1. Seems like a pretty interesting episode, good job on the honest rating.

  2. just one question: what is "parks and recreation"? j/k